Zombie Nation

The undead mix of joke-a-day strips and stroylines

Yes, I’m reviewing another zombie comic. I had a whole bunch of them all appear at the same time, in varying degrees of worth. This is one on the lower end of the worthiness scale. Zombie Nations bounces back and forth between single-strip jokes about zombies, how people looks as zombies, etc; and the life of a handful of zombies at the very beginning of a zombie apocalypse.

The one good thing about this comic is the art. It has a very nice level of detail and the grey-scale makes it feel like an old-time horror movie, which is great for this type of comic.

Unfortunetly, the art is the only redeeming quality to this comic series. The writing isn’t that funny, the storylines are either confusing or juvenile (and both at one point). Cliffhangers pop up almost unintentionally because the writer seems to hit roadblocks and all that gets drawn are random sketches that are great for detail and nothing else.

Overall, a good comic for those who don’t really want to read the comic, just want to look at the pretty (or in this case hideous) pictures. If the guy behind Zombie Nations reads this, I have one suggestion: Get a storywriter who can write some good strips for your comic. You should focus on what you do best (graphics)

Rating: 2 stars (mostly from graphics)



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