Second Look: Die2Nite

Now with even more death!


The original review of this game can be seen here


Around a year ago, I first reviewed this game. At that time, it was fairly new (just a few months out of the English Beta) and was still experiencing growing pains. Now with the game slightly over a year old, it has matured into a great game. The number of buildings, hero types, and items have grow significantly, and there is no longer a “one way to win scenario”. The average amount of time a town survives has dropped, but the jury is still out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.


The major edit that I like was the introduction of Blueprints. The town no longer has a large list of buildings available from the beginning that is always the same. Now, close to 2/3 of the buildings potentially available require one of four blueprint types (common, uncommon, rare, and very rare). These are fairly hard to get, and lead to each town feeling much more unique than before. These blueprints can be randomly found during any normal search, by camping out in a building in the waste, or by finding one of the chests randomly placed on the map at the start of the game. Now, towns can win or lose depending on how many blueprints they find, and what buildings those blueprints unlock.


The other major addition was explorable ruin. These buildings can actually be entered in a little mini-game where you run through the hallways trying to find items before you run out of good air or the zombies close in. I’ve only managed to go into one so far, but the experience was amazing.


Of course, with all the wonderful new additions, a major downside was grown even larger. A town, now more than ever, requires a certain number of heroes and hero diversity to have much of a shot of going anywhere. Wanna make sure you get the buildings close to town camped? Better have a survivalist. Wanna get the distant buildings found and camped despite the zombies? Better have a scout. Want to explore all of an explorable ruin? Better have a technician and a scavenger.


Overall, the game is still a good one, especially if you only want to be playing in a few short spurts. If you played before and stopped, I would suggest giving it a new look.


Rating: (4 stars)


Link to the game: Die2Nite


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