A webcomic about a gaming magazine and its staff.

The premise of this webcomic is that a couple of buddies started a game review magazine a few years back and its been running….. for the most part. Though the comic is about video games (technically) it doesn’t seem to feel bound to the genre (it even makes jokes about the fact that its a “video game” comic). The cast even has a large blue troll names Skull who used to work for a MMO. The rest of the cast is somewhat predictable (the boss with a harried family life, the gamer who is devoted to having the best system and beating EVERYONE in video games, the Mac user who detests PCs and most of their users, the female trying not to be too overwhelmed the childishness of the guys around her) but they gain a lot of depth on the comic progresses.

There are three main good points to this comic: the use of old standards in gaming, knowing the audience well enough to keep characters that work, and its mixture of lightheartedness and serious topics. Two of the characters (Brent and Cole) are old school gamers (I’m talking back to Pac-Man and Pong practically) and occasionally bring some of that old school into the modern day. This helps the comics cater to more than just the teens and twenties of today’s fast-paced gaming.

One of the great things about the comic is that characters get introduced that seem like they are going to be only there for one story arch, but they remain and help round out the cast and make the comic better for it. The cast as over doubled since the first strip, and I believe the comic is better for it. Many of these character seem to have been kept/brought back just from the reader comments about them. This has also extended to things such as Panda Attacks, the General Lee, and Kringus (a demonic Christmas Tree who wants to take down Santa Claus).

With a mixture of story arcs and joke-a-day comics, the comic is kept fresh and is able to go into some emotion areas without becoming too bogged down by it. The comic talks about marriage, first loves, losing a best friend, and more while also having a character mauled by a panda and troll farts making people crash their cars.

One of problems I have with the comic is that the author seems to delight in breaking the fourth wall just a bit too much. Every once and a while is good and healthy in my opinion, but he seems to go out of his way to work in fourth wall jokes into the comic.

Overall, its a very funny comic even for those of you who didn’t grow up in an arcade or in front of a gamecube.

Rating: (4 1/2 stars)


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